Backpack Camping – Useful Tips For Backpackers


If you take camping and hiking and mix them both together, you get backpacking, or backpack camping. It can be challenging and maybe even a little intimidating sometimes mainly because anything that you bring has to fit in a backpack and you have to be able to carry it with you to your destination. But I believe that it is well worth it!

Maybe there’s a spot on a hill overlooking a beautiful valley or a secluded place in the woods next to a stream. Well, with a little preparation and planning you can make that place your bedroom for the night. So first thing’s first, you should decide where you would like to camp for the night. 

Pick A Location

If it’s your first time backpacking, there are a few things to consider. You may want to stick to an area that you are comfortable with. Preferably a trail and a campsite that isn’t too isolated or isn’t too far from help, just in case of an emergency. Or if you need help with something, there will be nearby campers to lend a helping hand.

But whether you’re a newbie or a veteran there are some guidelines to go by. For instance one rule of thumb is that you should only camp at a designated campsite (this mainly applies to state parks) or if you’re primitive camping, try to find a site that appears to have been camped before. And always leave the woods just how you found it, if not better. In other words please don’t leave any waste behind. 

And it’s nice to camp near a water source so you can have access to it but remember to set camp up at least 200 feet from said body of water as to avoid contamination. Also, try to find flat, level ground to set up camp. Avoid low lying areas that may collect water if it rains and attract mosquitoes.

Check out this video for more awesome ideas on how to choose the best campsite:


What Should You Pack?

What to bring on your backpacking trip is going to depend a couple of different things like how long of a trip it’s going to be, or what the weather is going to be like. If it’s going to be a long trek through the wilderness, you are going to need more supplies than if it’s just an overnight thing close to home. But the less stuff you bring, the lighter you backpack will be. And the more stuff, the heavier.

But here’s a basic list of camping necessities for backpackers:

  • Hiking Shoes or Boots
  • Tent
  • Backpack
  • Food and Water
  • Sleeping Bag and Sleeping Pad
  • Stove and Fuel
  • Kitchen Supplies
  • Water Filter or Purifier 
  • Headlamp 
  • First Aid Kit
  • Repair Kit
  • Appropriate Clothing for Local Weather

Again, this is just a basic list. You may want to look up some more to give yourself more ideas. One of the most important things on this list is food so let’s talk a little about that.


Backpacking Food

Most backpackers will tell you that when they’re out there in the wilderness, food is for one thing and one thing only…. fuel for the body. And this is true because when you’re carrying all of your gear on your back, you can’t afford to bring extra things, only the necessities.

But this doesn’t mean the food has to be flavorless and boring. There’s plenty of dehydrated foods out there that actually taste pretty good. And they’re ready-to-eat also. All that you do is boil some water and poor it on the dehydrated food in the bag and voila! 

You can cook at home and freeze-dry the food to bring with you or you can order online from companies like Backpacker’s Pantry or Mountain House. 

There are several different kinds of backpacking stoves to choose from. Most of them are very small, lightweight and portable so you can easily fit them in with your gear.

Snacks are also recommended like chocolate bars or trail mix. Stuff like that.  


Make Sure You Are Ready

It’s a good idea to get out there and get ready, physically, and mentally. Do some practice hikes with 30+ lbs. in your backpack and see how you feel. Check your gear and get familiar with it. Practice setting up your tent so you will not have any trouble when it’s time to camp on your trek. 

Tell a friend or a family member exactly where you are going to be backpacking and camping and when you are planning to return. That way you will have help on the way should something happen. Better to be safe than sorry.

For some cool tips on how to lighten the load on your shoulders but still have what you need to be comfortable, check out Bearfoot Theory.


I know this article is short and sweet. I hope that it was helpful to you. If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comment section below. 

Thank you for reading and i’ll see you on the trail!



Dutch Oven Recipes For Camping – 15 Super Easy Dutch Oven Recipes

Dutch Oven Recipes For Camping

You probably notice that a lot of my articles have something to do with food. Whether it be camp stoves, or recipes for cooking at the campsite; I love to eat! And I always want to pass on the neat ideas that I learn with my fellow outdoor enthusiasts!


Well another great way to cook some amazing food around the campfire is with a dutch oven. Some of you may be wondering what a dutch oven is. So before I get into some dutch oven recipes for camping, I’m just going to briefly tell you.


What Exactly Is A Dutch Oven


A dutch oven is a thick, heavy cooking pot that is usually made out of cast iron. But some are made with cast aluminum which aren’t as heavy and don’t get as hot. I prefer the cast iron over the aluminum because it retains the heat better and the aluminum oven loses heat faster and can have hot spots.


For more information, check out this video:



And if you’re looking for a high quality dutch oven for camping that will last a lifetime, I truly recommend the Lodge Camp Dutch Oven.


The link above for the Lodge Dutch Oven is an affiliate link. That means that if you click on the link and make a purchase, I will get a small commission from Amazon at no extra cost to you. Please visit my Affiliate Disclosure for more info.


Now let’s get rockin’ and rollin’!

Awesome Dutch Oven Recipes


Dutch Oven Pork Chops And Potatoes

This camping dish sure is a hearty one. Meat and potatoes at it’s finest! And it’s pretty easy to throw together. Check out the recipe at 50 Campfires.


Mountain Man Breakfast

It’s so important to “fuel up” on some calories when adventuring the outdoors. This is the perfect camping breakfast for that, and it will feed a crowd too. Whether you’re out with the cub scouts or a large group of hungry hikers, you will want to try this Mountain Man Breakfast.


And while you’re at it, check out this Mountain Man Breakfast and learn about grinding coffee beans and using a percolator over hot coals.




Dutch Oven Campfire French Toast

This recipe is a little different than most of the recipes you will find. But it takes you through the process every step of the way. You will know exactly how to prep every thing the night before and how many charcoal briquettes to use. It also calls for a regular 12-inch deep dutch oven because if you use one that is too deep, the bottom of the french toast may burn before the top is done.

Anyway, I’m sure that your friends and family will thoroughly enjoy this delicious Dutch Oven French Toast!



Sausage and Chicken Cajun Jambalaya

I have lived in South Louisiana almost my entire life and I will admit, I can be a bit picky with my Jambalaya. When I say that, I mean some people make it too bland and sometimes it will be too dry for my taste. But when it’s done right, I’ll go back for seconds every time! LOL

I’ve never had jambalaya cooked in a dutch oven before but I will have to try it soon!

Get the recipe at Evolving Table.


Cake and Berry Campfire Cobbler

Alright, it’s desert time!! This cobbler would be the perfect treat after a long day of hiking or fishing. The recipe calls for raspberry pie filling, but you could use any pie filling you want. Personally, I would have to go with apple. I hear it’s even better with some canned peaches or blackberries.

Get the recipe here at Taste Of Home.


Dutch Oven Cheesy Garlic Bites

Whether it’s a tasty treat for the kids or a delicious side for dinner, these cheesy garlic bites will be an absolute hit! It may sound difficult to bake bread in a dutch oven but I think the trick here is to use frozen rolls and let them thaw out first.

This really is an easy to follow recipe that you will be happy to find. Get the recipe here at The Creative Mom.


Dutch Oven Pizza

Depending on where you are camping, you may not be able to get pizza delivered. If that be the case, here’s a simple recipe for a delicious pizza! All that you need is refrigerated pizza dough, pizza sauce, shredded mozzarella cheese, and whatever kind of toppings you like.

I like this because you can customize your very own pizza! Get the full recipe here at Let’s Camp S’more.


Campfire Nachos

I’ll bet you never thought that you could have nachos while camping. With this recipe and your dutch oven you can enjoy some tasty fresh nachos while kicking back after a day of outdoor fun.

Check out the recipe here at Fresh Off The Grid.


10 Minute Dutch Oven S’mores Cake Recipe

This is an excellent twist on the traditional way to make s’mores around the campfire. It calls for all the basic s’mores ingredients plus pre-baked angel food cake. The directions are super easy to follow and the outcome will be heavenly!

Learn how to make this tasty treat here at Polkadot Chair.


Dutch Oven Frito Pie

This is one of my personal favorites! This recipe calls for pinto beans but if you’re a weirdo like me, and don’t like beans in my chile, you can just leave them out.

Check out this easy to follow recipe here at Taste & Tell.


Twice Baked Potatoes

This one is sure to be another crowd pleaser around the campfire. When they are done baking in the dutch oven and have cooled down; pass them around. No need for dishes. Trust me, this recipe will pack them tater skins full of flavor!

Check it out here at Kent Rollins.


Dutch Oven Jalapeno Cheddar Bread

This recipe sounds like it could be a little time-consuming but it definitely sounds worth it. When it’s done, you will have your very own loaf of homemade jalapeno cheese bread to share with friends and family!

Get the recipe here at 50 Campfires.


Beer Braised Short Ribs

This recipe is definitely something for you to try on your next camping trip if you love tender ribs that are full of flavor! He explains in great detail how cooking these short ribs in a dutch oven is guaranteed to have maximum flavor.

You can find the recipe at Fox Valley Foodie.


Cheesy Spinach Artichoke Dip

This will make a great appetizer for everyone to munch on until supper is ready. This recipe looks so good to me and I’m sure that you will totally agree!

Go check it out at Camping For Foodies.


Dutch Oven Lasagna

My mouth was watering just reading this recipe! It looks so good! They go into great detail with this recipe like exactly how many charcoal briquettes you should use. And, just like most of the other recipes on this list, you have the option to prep some of your ingredients at home before you head out on your trip.

You should definitely check this recipe out at Clarks Condensed.



Isn’t it amazing how many dishes you can prepare with a dutch oven? There are hundreds if not thousands of recipes out there for you to try. Please let me know which one of the recipes in this list piqued your interest. Do you have any dutch oven recipes that you would like to share? You can do so in the comment section below.

Thank you so much for visiting my page and I hope this list was helpful to you.

Have a great day!



Best Camping Stoves 2020 – Top Selling Affordable Camp Stoves

Best Camp Stoves


In this next article we’re going to be talking about camping stoves. Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming to find the right stove when there are so many different options to choose from. Fortunately, these days you can just “Google It” and learn just about anything that you want to know about a product as well as read reviews from real customers. So I thought it may be helpful to research and make a list of the best camping stoves out there.

When you’re looking at camping stoves, you will find many options to choose from. One of the most noticeable options will be how many burners the stove has. A basic camping stove comes with one, two, or three burners. If you just plan on cooking single dish meals and want to travel light, the single burner is for you. However, if you have a group of campers and you want the convenience of cooking up a meal while preparing a little side-dish at the same time, I would recommend a 2 or 3 burner stove.

How To Choose A Camping Stove

Before we get to the stoves I just wanted to briefly go over three things you should think about that will help you make a decision on what stove to buy.

Camping Stove Size

If you’re camping with a large group, you will definitely want at least two burners and you may even want more than one camping stove. The added burners will come in handy. Some of the two burner and three burner camp stoves can be a little heavy and awkward to carry so I would only recommend them for car camping where you don’t have to lug your gear too far.

There are two designs to choose from as well: Tabletop or Free Standing.

Tabletop stoves are generally more compact and smaller than freestanding stoves and they don’t have legs. So they will need to be set on a level surface such as a picnic table or tailgate. Freestanding stoves have legs and the burners are wider and better for larger pots and pans.

It’s All About The Cooking Power!

British Thermal Units (BTU’s) – The amount of energy it takes to heat or cool one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit.

The higher the number of BTU’s on a camping stove, the more heat it can put out. But there are more factors to look for to determine the true power of a stove. You should look at the design of the stove as well. How compact is it? Are the burners wide enough? Are they protected by a windscreen? In order for the stove to perform best it has to not only be capable of producing high heat, it has to be protected from the wind as well.

Fuel Type

The most common fuel Type for camping stoves is propane. It’s also cheaper and easier to use than butane and other liquid fuels. And you can find propane just about anywhere. Those little 16 ounce Coleman canisters are great for the single and some of the double burner stoves but you will need one of them refillable propane tanks for the larger two and three burner stoves. The 20 pounders that you hook up to your BBQ grill at home will do just fine.

You will also need a regulator and a hose to hook up the propane tank to the stove. Some of the larger stoves comes with a regulator and hose but the smaller one’s usually do not.

Well that covers the basics for finding an awesome camping stove. Check out these camping grills and I think you will be able to find something nice for your next camping trip.

Affiliate Disclosure

One more thing, this product review uses affiliate links. All this means is if you click on any of my affiliate links below and make a purchase from Amazon, I’ll get a small commission from the sale. For more information, please read my full Affiliate Disclosure. Thank you!

Single Burner Camping Stoves (Top 5)



Jetboil Flash Camping Stove Cooking System

This first item is definitely not your typical camp stove and it obviously wouldn’t be ideal for cooking for a group of people. But for one, maybe two people who need to fuel up on some food on the trail; this thing will be a life saver! And I had to include it on this list because I just think it’s pretty cool.

This thing can boil water in 100 seconds and it will stay good and hot for a while inside the insulating cozy cooking cup. To me it’s more of a lightweight stove one would mostly use for backpacking but it could definitely be used for all types of outdoor cooking.

I’ve read several customer reviews on Amazon and most of them were really pleased with how fast it can boil water and how lightweight and compact it is. Most folks use the hot water to prepare those freeze-dried meals from Mountain House and what not. You can also make some coffee or delicious hot chocolate with this camp stove. Check it out on Amazon by clicking Here or the link in the picture above.


Gas One 200,000 BTU Heavy Duty Propane Gas Cooker

This burner is perfect for just about any type of outdoor cooking. Use it on your next camping trip or to fry a turkey for Thanksgiving! 200,000 BTU is plenty enough power to cook anything. And it’s obvious that Gas One made safety a top priority when they designed this thing. You can easily control gas and pressure flow with the 0 – 20 psi regulator that is included with the stove. And an o-ring is attached to the regulator to ensure there’s no gas leakage. A steel braided hose is included as well to connect the propane tank to the stove.

This is a heavy-duty, durable outdoor stove made of cast iron that will last you a long time. The welded frame stands 15.5″ tall and 12″ wide and weighs 21 lbs. So you can easily pack it with your camping gear and it won’t take up much space at all.

It also comes with a fully adjustable air control panel. This is a thin metal panel that is used to control the oxygen volume that enters the burner. And you can adjust it to get that pretty blue flame.

This thing is a powerhouse of a burner for a good price according to some of the customer reviews I read on Amazon. If you would like to learn more about this burner and read customer reviews on Amazon Click Here or click the picture above.


Coleman Bottletop Propane Camp Stove with Adjustable Burner

This compact stove is perfect for camping or backpacking because it’s so lightweight and it hardly takes up any room. The burner and the base are two separate pieces so you can store it just about anywhere. The 16.4 oz. propane bottle (sold separately) fits into the base and the adjustable burner attaches to the top of the propane bottle to form a fully functional camp stove. (see picture above)

That little propane bottle puts out up to 10,000 BTU’s of cooking power which I find pretty impressive. It also has “perfect flow technology” that helps the temperature from the burner stay consistent even in extreme cold conditions. And it will last for up to 2.5 hours on high on one 16.4 oz. propane bottle!

You can fit up to an 8-inch pan on top of the burner and the base at the bottom is wide enough to offer stability when you’re stirring up some hot delicious vegetable soup or scrambling some eggs.

There are over 1,000 customer reviews on Amazon and almost all of them are from happy campers! If you would like some more information about this camp stove Click Here or click the picture above.


Coleman Portable Butane Stove with Carrying Case

I know most of the camp stoves on this list use propane but I had to include this little compact stove because of the cool features! For one thing you don’t need matches or a lighter. Just hook it up to an 8.8 oz. butane cylinder (sold separately) turn the ignition knob and you’re cooking with up to 7,650 BTU’s of cooking power for up to 1.25 hours! You can cook with up to a 10-inch pan and you don’t have to worry about it tipping over and your food going all over the floor because of the large base.

You will have this little camp stove for a long time thanks to the rust-proof aluminum burner and enabled steel exterior. And clean up is a breeze because of the porcelain coated grate. One Amazon customer left a review saying that he used it on the back porch to fry bacon so he wouldn’t have to clean the grease splatter in the kitchen. Just an all around awesome little stove for anyone who enjoys outdoor cooking. I believe you will enjoy this handy little gadget!

There are hundreds of customer reviews for this camp stove on Amazon and the majority of them are positive. If you would like to read them and learn more about this product you can Click Here or click the picture above.


Coleman Fold N Go Instastart Grill

Another fine portable camp stove. It’s like having a grill in a briefcase. You can sear some serious grill marks into some steaks with this one according to one of the customer reviews I read on Amazon. And I believe it too. The grill is capable of creating 6,000 BTU’s of heat across 105 sq. in. of grilling space. Yes please!

The horseshoe burner is definitely a plus for even cooking all around the grill surface. You won’t need matches or a lighter with the InstaStart button that ignites the grill with ease. The removable grease tray and cooking grate come right out and are both dishwasher safe so that will save you a lot of clean up work. It runs on a 16.4 ounce propane cylinder (sold separately) and it will last up to 3.5 hours on high heat.

There are over 300 customer reviews on Amazon right now and most of them are quite pleased with this grill. Go on over to Amazon and have a look for yourself. Or click on the picture above.



Double Burner Camping Stoves (Top 5)


Coleman Propane Classic Camp Stove

This propane camp stove has two burners and 20,000 BTU’s of cooking power. The cooking surface is big enough to fit a 12 in. and a 10 in. pan at the same time so you can have your eggs cooking on one burner and your water boiling for coffee on the other. Wind will not affect you’re cooking with the wind block panels that will adjust to the size of your pans.

One 16.4 oz. propane bottle (sold separately) will last 1 hour if you ran both burners on high. You can buy those propane bottles just about anywhere and they’re not too expensive. The removable chrome-plated grate makes clean up a breeze and the aluminized steel cook top provides durability and rust-resistance.

There are over 2,000 customer reviews on Amazon for this camp stove and the majority of them definitely recommend this one. So you can head on over to Amazon and check it out for yourself. Just Click Here or click on the picture above.



Camp Chef Explorer Double Burner Stove

Whether you’re spending a nice weekend camping, tailgating at the game, or just doing a little back yard cookout, I think that you will be impressed with this camp stove. You will have plenty enough power to cook anything with the two 30,000 BTU cast-aluminum burners. And you won’t have a problem with the wind affecting you’re cooking thanks to the three sided windscreen.

The camp stove sits about 29″ high with the legs extended. And you can easily remove the legs for storage and adjust them if the ground is uneven. A regulator and three foot hose are included so that you can hook up a propane tank (not included). It says that you can cook on this stove for 15 hours with just one twenty pound propane tank.

And that’s another great benefit of owning this camp stove and a twenty pound propane tank. If there’s ever an emergency and you lose power for a while, as long as you have some food stored, you will be ready and able to cook for you and your family.

This seems to be a hot item on Amazon with mostly pleased customers leaving reviews. Go on over and have a look.


Outbound Propane Camping Grill with Two Burners

If you’re looking for a powerful 20,000 BTU camp stove that is compact and real easy to transport, you may want to check out this stove. Not only is it compact and easy to transport but you won’t have to worry about it getting damaged or anything while transporting it with all of your camping gear thanks to its tough, chrome plated design.

One of my favorite things about it is how it almost transforms from a carrying case to a grill and the sides create a great wind blocker to shield the burners from the wind. The wind blockers on some of the other camp stoves don’t seem to offer as much protection as these do.

Some other cool features on this stove are:

  • Stainless-steel drip tray. Stainless-steel cleans so easily.
  • Dimensions are 18.5″ L x 11″ W x 3.5″ H and Cooking surface is 15″ L x 9.5″ W
  • Two adjustable control valves give you precise control of the two temperature zones.
  • Closes up into a slim carrying case that is easy to transport and store.

To me this little camp stove is the perfect size for a small family to bring on a camp trip and be able to cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner with no problem. There are a lot of customer reviews on Amazon and most of them are from pleased customers. Go on over there and have a look.

Click Here to learn more.


Camp Chef Pro 60X Camp Stove

At around 50 lbs this camp stove is definitely not as light-weight and compact as some of the other stoves on this list. But if your looking for something that’s solid and sturdy, I would recommend this stove. The legs do fold up and it has two handles on either side, you just may need a buddy to help you carry it.

This thing puts out a total of 60,000 BTU’s and you won’t have to worry about forgetting matches or a lighter at home thanks to the matchless ignition. It also comes with a three sided windscreen to keep the wind off of your burners.

And as if these awesome features weren’t enough to please any culinary camper. This camp stove comes with:

  • Adjustable leg levelers in case the ground isn’t level
  • 14 inch x 32 inch cooking grate
  • Folding side shelves for extra work space
  • Appliance-style temperature controls

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty camp stove that basically offers the cooking amenities of your kitchen stove at home, I would recommend this stove. It has some great reviews on Amazon from some happy customers. Go have a look and see if this is the stove for you.

Click Here to see the pricing on Amazon.


Eurika! Ignite Portable 2 Burner Camp Stove

If you’re looking for a lightweight, compact camp stove that’s real easy to use, you should check this one out. It runs on propane (sold separately) but you can find those 16.4 oz. propane canisters just about anywhere. This stove is built from rugged, thick-guage steel and you will get years of reliable use out of it.

You will be able to precisely control the flame on both of the 10,000 BTU burners thanks to the two-turn simmer controls. So you will be able to boil water for coffee on one burner and simmer scrambled eggs on the other. It also has a push button igniter so you don’t have to worry about bringing a lighter with you.

Some more cool features are:

  • The two burners are far enough apart that you can easily fit two 12 inch pans on the cooking surface with no problem.
  • It’s Jet Link compatible which means you can daisy-chain it with other Eurika! and Jetboil products.
  • It also has a regulator to hook up a propane bottle.
  • Comes with adjustable, rubber feet that are non-slip so you can always have a level cooking surface.
  • The measurements of the stove are 23″ L x 12.8″ W x 4″ H (closed) & 25″ L x 13.5″ W x 14″ H (open).
  • Weighs 12 pounds.

I think this is an amazing camp stove that will make cooking a breeze so you can enjoy the outdoors with your family and friends. It has a lot of customer reviews on Amazon and most of them are happy customers.

Click Here to get more info and pricing.


Three Burner Camping Stoves (Top 5)


Camp Chef Big Gas Grill

It’s time to break out the big guns now! This camp stove is big and mighty with three cast-aluminum 30,000 BTU burners and 608 sq in of total cooking space! It also comes with the Deluxe BBQ Grill Box which is a handy tool to use. The Grill Box has a pre-seasoned cast iron grill grate that leaves some fine sear marks on your steaks, burgers, veggies, etc. Close the lid and there’s a lid damper valve that helps control heat and smoke while sealing in all that delicious flavor. It also has a built-in temperature guage which is nice.

This BBQ Grill Box is easily removable to make room for any of the other Camp Chef 16″ accessories like the Pizza Oven or the Flat Top Grill which are both compatible with this stove. I read a couple customer reviews from people who really like the Griddle accessory. He said it cooked his pancakes perfectly.

There’s a lot more to love about this stove including:

  • Matchless Ignition
  • Burner housing limits hot/cold spots and provides extra wind protection
  • Regulator and three foot hose are included
  • Removable / Adjustable legs for easy storage
  • Out of the box ready to cook in seconds
  • Emergency preparedness recommended
  • Fully adjustable heat control knobs
  • Single deluxe folding shelf

So whether you’re a serious camping chef or looking to enjoy some grilling on the back patio at home; I definitely recommend this heavy-duty camp stove. There are lots of happy customers on Amazon who bought this stove and liked it so much, they left a nice review.

Click Here for more info and pricing.


Outland Portable Camping Stove

Whether you are looking to upgrade your camp stove or you want a new backyard grill, this heavy-duty stove can do it all! I included it on this list because of how versatile it is. When the legs are folded up it’s super easy to bring to where you will set up, thanks to the pull handle and two rugged wheels. And once you get it where you want it you can either unfold the legs for a nice standing camp stove or you can set it up tabletop.

And once you have it set up, just fire it up with the push of a button. This thing has three independently controlled 30,000 BTU cast aluminum burners. That’s a total of 90,000 BTU’s of cooking power! And you can control each burner separately to ensure that the right amount of heat is being used on your food.

I am really impressed with this camp stove and I think that you will be too. Here are some more awesome features that you will find in this stove:

  • 568 sq inch grill area L 36.9″ x W 14″
  • Two folding cook station prep surfaces L 18″ x W 15″ each hold up to 60 lbs.
  • Steel frame is processed with a high temperature powder coating to ensure long-lasting durability and sturdiness
  • 4 Hook utensil holders for spatula, tongs, heat-resistant BBQ gloves, etc.
  • CSA Certified for consumer safety and satisfaction

As you can see there’s a lot to like about this camp stove. And it has a lot of positive customer reviews on Amazon.

Click Here for more info and pricing.


GYMAX High Pressure Propane Camp Stove

You won’t have any trouble boiling water or cooking anything with this beast of a camp stove. Each cast iron burner can put out 75,000 BTU’s and with 3 burners, that’s a total of 225,000 BTU’s!! Not to mention the sturdy cast iron design of the stove insures it will last a long time. It’s also waterproof and rust proof thanks to the protective powder coating.

This stove is safe to use too because of the regulator that comes with the stove. The regulator monitors propane gas flow and does not allow further leakage when internal or external problems are detected. I mean, you can never be too careful when using such a powerful gas stove so the regulator is definitely a plus.

Some more awesome features for this camp stove are:

  • Detachable legs for easy transportation and storage
  • Sets up quickly and easily so you will be cooking in no time at all!
  • Three adjustable heat dials to give you full control of each burner
  • CSA certified and safe to use for outdoor cooking

After researching this product and reading customer reviews I would definitely recommend this stove for camping, tailgating, backyard grilling, etc. One customer even said that they used it to boil the sap used for making homemade maple syrup and they said it worked perfect for that too!

Click Here to go check it out on Amazon for more details.


ROVSUN High Pressure Propane Camp Stove

Another beast of a camp stove! Just like the GYMAX above each burner can put out 75,000 BTU’s of cooking power so all three of the burners together can put out a total of 225,000 BTU’s which is quite impressive. It also comes with a CSA approved regulator to safely control the propane gas flow.

The sturdy cast iron frame makes it extremely durable and capable of just about any type of cooking. You can use it for canning, home brewing, wok cooking, crawfish boiling, turkey frying, etc.

Some more awesome features on this stove are:

  • Quick and easy assembly: Legs are easy to put on and take off.
  • Easy operation: Just connect the gas tank, open the main valve, hold a match next to the burner, turn the control valve and then you can adjust the flame with the vent cover.
  • Stove dimensions are: 34.3″ long x 17.7″ wide x 29.7″ in hight.
  • Great quality camp stove at a great price.

I would love to get the GYMAX 3 burner stove and this ROVSUN 3 burner stove side by side and do a thorough hands on comparison of both but unfortunately, I cant do that right now. All that I can tell you is that from the research, both of these stoves are definitely worth buying if you need a new outdoor camp stove.

The ROVSUN got plenty of good customer reviews on Amazon. Click Here to find out more about this beast of a stove!


Camp Chef Tahoe Deluxe 3 Burner Grill

Now if your in the market for a serious camp stove that you can prepare a bunch of food on to feed an army, you should check this one out. The burners are made of cast aluminum and put out 30,000 BTU’s each! Having 3 burners that makes 90,000 BTU’s total! I’m still amazed at how much cooking power these stoves have.

You won’t have as many hot/cold spots because of the protective housing that also that also gives extra wind protection. It also includes a 3 sided wind screen. And the heat-control dials are fully adjustable.

And if that’s not enough cool features it also comes with:

  • Regulator and 3 ft. of hose. You will just need a propane tank.
  • Removable legs for portability. This also gives you the option to use it as a stand-up stove or as a table top stove.
  • 30″ cooking hight. That’s a decent hight for a camp stove.
  • 608 sq. in. cooking area. That’s more than enough space. You can literally feed an army. Well maybe not an army. But a Boy Scout Troop for sure!
  • Matchless ignition. You won’t have to worry about forgetting a lighter or matches.
  • Compatible with other 16″ Cooking System accessories. They have everything from an Italia Artisian Pizza Oven to a Reversable Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Griddle.

As you can see there’s a lot to love about this stove. And there’s a lot of happy campers that left positive reviews on Amazon about this product. If you want to find out more about this product click Here.




I hope this helped you or at least pointed you in the right direction. My personal favorite is the Coleman Classic Two-Burner Stove just for the simplicity of it, the 20,000 BTU cooking power, and you can’t beat the price. It all comes down to what your personal preference is. And I know that some people absolutely love to cook, especially while camping, and other people go camping to get away from the kitchen at home and having to cook and clean. But most of the time they will eat if you cook. Lol!

And that’s what it’s all about anyway. Coming together with friends and family to bond and enjoy the sights and sounds of the outdoors. But it’s even better when someone in the group knows how to cook! Lol!!

What are your thoughts on this list of camp stoves? Did I leave any out? What do you usually bring on camping trips to cook on?

Please let me know in the comments below!

Thank you for stopping by and reading!


Quick Easy Camping Breakfast Ideas – Awesome Easy Recipes

Quick Easy Camping Breakfast Ideas

It’s early (say, about 6:30 or 7 am). Your eyes slowly open and your ears awaken to the sound of birds singing. And you just lay there for a little while enjoying the sounds and smells of the woods. After while you begin to hear your fellow camping comrades wake up. It’s a gorgeous day and it’s time for a new adventure. But firsts things first, you gotta eat! And take it from me, the easier the meal is to prepare and clean up after, the better. So I wanted to share some quick easy camping breakfast ideas with you. Enjoy!

Breakfast Burrito Anyone?

This first option works best if you pre-make them at home, wrap them up tight in some tin foil and store them in a large Ziploc bag. Keep them refrigerated or on ice until cooking time. And when you’re ready to cook, heat them over hot embers in the campfire and enjoy! Here’s how to prepare them…

Ingredients                                                                                                                                                                                        Quick Easy Camping Breakfast Ideas

  • 1 lb bulk breakfast sausage
  • a dozen eggs
  • 1 can (4.5 oz) chopped green chiles, drained
  • 2 cups of shredded cheese
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 8 (12 inch) flour tortillas

Once you have all the ingredients together, this is how to prepare the breakfast burritos. Ideally you are going to be doing this part in your kitchen at home before your camping trip.

First brown the sausage until it’s fully cooked in a 12-inch skillet. While the sausage is cooking, beat the eggs with a whisk until they are blended well. When sausage is cooked all the way, pour the eggs into the skillet. Cook, stirring frequently until the eggs begin to set up. When the eggs have started to set up but are still runny, add the green chilles and continue to cook until eggs are set. Then add the cheese and stir it in so that it is distributed evenly and remove from heat.

Place your tortillas in a microwave safe dish, cover and microwave on high 30 to 45 seconds to soften. Place 1 tortilla on a large piece of tin foil. Spoon 1/8 of the egg mixture onto the center of the tortilla. Fold in the ends and roll it into a burrito shape. Then wrap the burrito tightly in the foil. Repeat with the remaining tortillas and egg mixture.

Store the burritos in the fridge or on ice in the ice chest until it’s time to cook. Then place the wrapped burritos on hot coals next to fire. Cook until burritos are heated thoroughly, about 10 or 15 minutes depending on the heat from the fire. Carefully flip them over halfway through cooking time to ensure they’re heated evenly.

Campfire Roasted Cinnamon Rolls

If you can roast marshmallows, you can easily prepare this next breakfast snack. And the kids will love it!


  • Can of Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls
  • Roasting Prongs (double pronged)
  • Campfire With Hot Embers
  • Plastic Butter Knife – To spread icing on rolls (optional)

Pop open the can of cinnamon rolls and carefully divide them. If the can contains a cup of icing, place it to the side for now. Insert the prongs through the side of the cinnamon roll in the middle of the roll. Hold your cinnamon roll over the hot embers and rotate it frequently to evenly cook all sides. Depending on the heat of your campfire, it should take about 8-12 minutes for the cinnamon rolls to be cooked all the way. When they are done, remove the rolls from the fire and let them cool. Before they cool entirely, carefully spread the icing over the rolls (optional) and enjoy the awesome sweetness!

Campfire Bacon

And while you got your roasting prongs out…. Did I mention you can use them to cook bacon over the campfire? I mean, you’re going to need your protein for a day full of camping activities. And who doesn’t love bacon?

Basically you take the strips of bacon and weave them onto a roasting prong or skewer. Prepare a fire with two logs on both sides of the flames. Then you set the skewer on the logs so that the bacon cooks over the flames. Rotate the skewer about every 5 minutes for even cooking and browning.

For more detailed info and photos click here.

Ziploc Bag Omelet

This next camping cuisine is really simple to make. And the best part is; cleaning up is a breeze. And you can prep all the ingredients at home before your camping trip and that way you’ll have everything ready to go come breakfast time.


  • Ziploc Freezer Bag
  • 2 Eggs
  • Shredded Cheese, Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, Onions, etc.

Here’s a video that I found that shows just how quick and easy it is to make this.

Another benefit of using this method is how easy it is for everyone to get their omelet just how they want it. And I also like how you can make about 8 of them at a time as long as you are using a big enough pot.

Maple Peanut Butter French Toast

My Mother-in-law whipped this up for us the last time we went camping and it was so good! I’ll put peanut butter on just about anything. I’ve always put it on my pancakes ever since I was a youngin’ but never on my french toast until now.


  • Eggs
  • Sugar
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Milk
  • Bread
  • Maple Syrup
  • Peanut Butter
  • Cinnamon

Check out this short video to see how easy it is to make!

Of course this is something that you can cook up at home but for some reason, it’s even more delicious when camping and enjoying the fresh air. I would recommend serving it up with some bacon or sausage and a cup of coffee.


These are just a few ideas for you to try the next time you go camping. If you would like some more camping tips and tricks, check out another one of my posts here.

Do you like to cook when you go camping? Do you have any ideas or recipes that you could share? If so, please leave a comment down below.

Thank you for stopping by and reading this post!

Take care!



Halloween Campsite Decorating Ideas – 10 Spooky Decorating Ideas

Halloween Campsite Decorating Ideas

Two things that I love are Halloween and camping. Mix them both together and you’re in for a spooktacular night! Some of my funnest memories as a kid are camping with friends and family around Halloween time. Growing up, my Grandparents owned some land out in the woods and Yogi Bear Jellystone Campground was right across the street. We would walk over there and go tric-or-treating and I can remember all of the awesome campsite decorating ideas.

And just recently my wife and I camped at The Bogalusa Blues Fest and of course she decorated the camper accordingly. See picture above of Skully on banjo and Rufus on harmonica. They’re a hit every year at The Blues Fest. But anyway, with Halloween right around the corner and (finger’s crossed) some cooler weather rolling in, I’m sure some of you will be doing some camping soon. So what better time than now to share some cool ideas for decorating your campsite.

Here are 10 ways to turn your campsite into a Halloween adventure for all ages. And you can find all of these decorations on

And speaking of… All About Outdoor Gear is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. If you click on any of my links below and make a purchase, I will get a small commission at absolutely no extra charge to you. For more information on this you can read my Affiliate Disclosure. Thank you.

Now let’s get to it!

1. 8-Pack Solar Torch Lights With Flickering Flame


Not only will these make excellent Halloween decorations for your campsite, you could use them as pathway lights for your home year round. The LED flickering flame is so cool! And they’re waterproof too. 

The torch lights have a solar panel that takes in the sunlight during the daytime and turns it into electricity. And at dusk they turn on automatically. So you won’t have to deal with running extension cords or having to buy huge packs of AA or AAA batteries.

The solar panel and the lampshade are made with a high level waterproof IP65 material that can withstand  rain and even snow and keep the torch working just fine.

I think these solar torch lights are awesome and I’m not the only one. There’s a ton of customer reviews on Amazon and most of them are more than pleased with them. 

Head on over to Amazon and check them out!


2. Battery Operated LED String Lights

These string lights will really look cool hung around the camper awning or in the trees nearby. You can really put them anywhere because each string runs on 3 AA batteries (not included). I just think they would really add a spooky atmosphere around the campsite; all glowing in the dark woods.

The LED lights themselves are waterproof but the battery packs will need to be protected from the rain. Each string measures 8.2 ft in length and has 20 mini bulbs that can either flash or stay on.

And each string of lights is different: Orange Jack O’Lanterns, Purple Bats, and White Ghosts. I personally like the Purple Bats the best.

You can check them out Here for more information and customer reviews.


3. Welcome To Our Campsite Banner

This could be a nice addition to your decorations around the campsite. The sign is made of 250g cardstock which makes it durable and reusable. Each card size is 18 x 22 cm / 7 x 8.6 inch.

It comes pre-strung too so you don’t have to assemble it or anything. You just have to find a good spot and hang it on up. 

Put it somewhere as a camping photo prop or just a nice warm welcome for friends and family.

Find out more information Here.


4. Witches With Hitches Halloween T-Shirt

I know, it’s not technically a decoration. But just think of all the candy you will get tric-or-treating in this awesome shirt! Comes in 3 colors: Black, Asphalt, and Dark Heather.

The shirt is lightweight, classic fit with double-needle sleeve and bottom hem. Available for both men and women.

You can find it Here.


5. Rustic Old Fashioned Light Up Lantern

Give your campsite a vintage feel with this old rugged looking lantern. I don’t think it will serve well as just a light source, but for decorating it will be perfect. It runs on AA batteries and has a LED light bulb in it.

The lantern stands 11″ (13.5″ hanging) and it is sturdy but lightweight with a metal frame and glass globe. I’ll bet it will make a great theater prop or costume accessory as well.

You can find more info Here.


6. LED Rope Light

Place these around the perimeter of the campsite for a great look at night and also as a precaution for people to watch there step. Connect up to three strands together to create a 100 ft. rope light. You can light up walkways or wrap them around tree trunks.

They’re perfectly safe for pets and kids and they’re cool to the touch. The solid tube light is weatherproof and will still work in rainy or snowy conditions. 

I like them because they’re flexible and easy to work with. You can easily bend them into any shape.

You can find them Here.


7. Extra Large 8ct Halloween Yard Signs

I know these are labeled “yard signs” but I just thought they would look great around the camper or tents also and not just in your front yard. 

Anyway, as you can see in the picture above the signs use vibrant colors and are kid friendly. And they are easy to display. You just have to insert two stakes into the sign and press it into the ground.

Each sign is made of corrugated plastic cardboard sheets and they are waterproof.

You can find out more details about these neat signs Here.


8. Zombie Face and Arms Lawn Stakes

Make it a ‘Night Of The Living Dead’ camp out with this zombie head and arms coming out of the ground. Head and arms are attached to plastic yard stakes that are put in the ground.

You could even put a solar spotlight on it and make a grave yard scene around it. 

Click Here for more details.


9. Halloween Vintage Camper Doormat

Add this awesome multi color doormat to your camper. It can be used as an indoor or outdoor mat and measure’s 18″ x 27″. The mat is rubber backed to keep it from sliding so you can put it on just about any surface. 

This mat is made by Caroline’s Treasures who still make everything by hand and one at a time and are located in Mobile, Al. 

Click Here to find out more. They have a bunch of other mats with different designs a sizes.



10. Halloween Ghost String Lights

Just like the string lights earlier in this post, these lights are battery powered and water proof as well. Except these bad boys come with a remote control! (with a range of about 5 feet) And they also have 8 different lighting modes: Flashing, twinkle, waves, sequential, slow glow, chasing, slow fade and steady on.

The string is 14.7 ft and it has 40 ghost lights on it.

You can find them Here on Amazon.



Check out the links in the pictures above for more info. Thank you.

And there ya have it folks. Fall is in the air and it’s time to head out to your favorite campground with friends and family and scare some people!! No, just kidding. It’s all about having a good time in the good old outdoors.

Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out my post. Do you have any decorating ideas for camping that you would like to share? Or any questions? If so, just leave them in the comments section below.

Thank you and I’ll see ya on the trail,


Best Car Camping Vehicles – Top 10 Vehicles For Car Camping

Best Car Camping Vehicles

Best Car Camping Vehicles

What is the best vehicle for car camping? Well, it just depends on a few things like location. What type of terrain are we talking about? And also, what are you and you’re fellow campers wanting to do once you get all settled in at the campsite? Go mud riding? Maybe you need to launch you’re boat to take the kids out fishing. Are you going to sleep in you’re vehicle or in a tent? Either way you need to have the right vehicle for the job so I wanted to share my take on the best car camping vehicles out there and what their benefits can be for us car campers.

So in this article I’m going to talk about what to look for if you’re looking for a new vehicle for car camping and I’ll also list

the top ten best cars for car camping.

Finding The Ultimate Camping Vehicle

There are several things to look for when finding the perfect car camping vehicle. How much space will you need for passengers and storage for you’re camping gear? Will you need to tow a trailer? Will you be going off-road mostly or hitting the family camp grounds?

Whatever it may be, there is a car out there for you. My wife and I mostly camp at state park camp grounds and it’s just she and I and Pepe’ (our Chihuahua) who doesn’t take up much space anyway. So our Nissan Rogue is perfect for us.

I just wanted to make a top 10 list that covered all the bases. In other words, I’ll try to include a vehicle for all the different scenarios one could have while car camping.

1. Subaru Outback

Best Car Camping Vehicles

Probably the most obvious choice and most popular in the car camping world is the Subaru Outback. Fold the back seat down and you got 73 cubic feet for all of you’re camping gear and then some. And with 39 inches of head room, you can easily sleep back there in sleeping bags or on an air mattress.

And with all wheel drive, you won’t have any problems with most terrains.

2. Toyota 4 Runner

Much like the Outback you have plenty of room for passengers and storage. And the back seats fold down easily. Fold the seats down, roll out you’re sleeping bag and there you have it. The back window rolls down too so you can let all that fresh air in. And with 4 wheel drive and a lot of engine power, it can take you anywhere.

3. Jeep Wrangler

Best Car Camping Vehicles


Now we’re talking! If you want to hit the trail and do some serious off-roading, this is the one! The design and build of the Jeep Wrangler is unmatched. But of all the vehicles on this list, it has the least room for passengers and storage. But it makes up for that with the fact that it’s a freakin’ Jeep and it’s awesome!

4. Toyota Tacoma

Best Car Camping Vehicles

There’s a reason this truck is one of the best-selling trucks of all time. It’s very affordable and it’s built to last. And it has several packages to choose from like crew cab, or extended bed. And there are so many accessories available to make you’re Tacoma the ultimate camping machine.

5. Nissan Xterra

Discontinued in 2015. This is a really nice, tough, reliable SUV. The Pro-4x off-road package allows you to get through any terrain without getting stuck. I think the reason they pulled the plug on manufacturing the Xterra was because of poor fuel economy. They get about 15-16 mpg in the city, and 17-18 mpg on the highway.

6. Honda Element

Best Car Camping Vehicles

Plenty of room for passengers and storage. Front and rear seats are so versatile. They can be folded down to form a bed or they can easily be taken out of vehicle to carry all of you’re camping gear or for you to lay out you’re sleeping bags and spend the night in. It gets decent gas mileage and you can get one with 4 wheel drive for off-roading.

7.GMC Acadia

Its kind of a cross between a mini van and an SUV. You have enough seating for seven passengers or you can put the seats down and it offers 79 cubic feet for you’re camping gear. With its nice, smooth 6-speed transmission and a powerful V6 engine and can haul you’re camper or boat with no problem.

8. Land Rover Range Rover

Best Car Camping Vehicles

You wouldn’t expect a car that looks so extravagant to be something to take on a rugged camping journey through the woods. You would be surprised though. The Range Rover is a beast!

9. Jeep Grand Cherokee

Best Car Camping Vehicles


The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a mid-size SUV with plenty of engine power and superb off-road capabilities. But compared to the other vehicles in this list, it doesn’t have as much cargo space and not as good gas mileage.

10. Subaru Ascent

The Subaru Ascent is a three row, seven seat SUV with plenty of room for passengers and all of their camping gear. With the 2 back seats folded down, you get 72.6 cubic feet of cargo space. 19 cup holders, built in WiFi hot spot, and up to 8 USB ports, will keep everyone comfortable and plugged in. When properly equipped it has a tow rating of 5,000 pounds. The roof rails are designed to handle a roof top tent as well.


I hope that this list has helped you in any way. I didn’t go into specific year models with this list because I know some people prefer used cars and some prefer brand new. And my only advice to you is to use the internet to you’re advantage and do as much research as you need before you sign you’re name on that dotted line.

If you want some more info on car camping check out another article of mine. And as always, thank you for reading and I’ll see you on the trail.


Best Car Camping Tips – Top Ten Tips To Try On Your Next Trip

Best Car Camping Tips

No I’m not talking about living in your car. I’m talking about utilizing your vehicle to enhance your camping experience. And there are several ways to do this. Inexpensive ways I might add. So I wanted to write an article and list the best car camping tips to help you enjoy your next trip even more. So let’s get started…

What is Car Camping Anyway?

car camping


There are two different types of car camping. The first one is basically tent camping except you lay out an air mattress and sleeping bag in your car, not a tent. You still can cook on your camping stove and make a fire (depending on where you’re camping), but you sleep in your car rather than a tent.

Another type of car camping is finding a legit camping spot that you drive your car right on up to, get out and make your camp site right there. In other words your not hiking for miles to your camp site. And there are definitely some benefits to this.

And if you look online you can find thousands of camping tips that will help you. I went ahead and picked 10 of the best tips that are sure to be the most beneficial for any camper; whether you’re a beginner or expert.

1. Keep Supplies Organized with Storage Bins

If you have an SUV with a hatchback or a pick up truck, just back on up to the campsite. Get you some storage bins to store different camping supplies in. Keep your food in one bin. (bottled water, canned tuna, granola bars, etc.) In another bin store your campsite cooking gear. (two burner stove, pots, utensils for cooking and for eating) Then take another storage bin and fill it with other misc. items. (toilet paper, matches, flash light, extra batteries, etc.)

Then just keep the bins all together at the back of your car to where you can just open the door and get whatever you need. Believe me if you have everything organized, you will be able to enjoy your camping trip so much more.

2. No More Leaking Bags of Melted Ice

Instead of buying a bunch of bags of ice, take some large Gatorade or water bottles and fill them with water. If you freeze them they will stay frozen much longer than the ice you buy at the convenience store. Use as many as you need in your ice chest to keep your goods nice and cold. And when the water in the bottles melt, you have plenty of water to drink.

3. Good Hygiene is Important

Maybe you’re next car camping spot isn’t in a state park or a camping ground with a bath house. No worries at all. Do some research of the surrounding area. If you have a gym membership with multiple locations, and one of the locations isn’t far from where you’re camping, you can just use their shower. Or you can get one of these inexpensive shower bags that work like a charm.

4. Camping Stove for Cooking and Keeping Warm

camping stove

Not only can you cook an excellent meal with a Coleman two burner camping stove, but those things put off some heat too. If for whatever reason you can’t have a campfire where you are, be sure and bring a good quality camping stove to gather around and keep warm.

And on those REAL cold nights you can boil water and pour it into a heat-safe water bottle, then keep the water bottle down by your feet in your sleeping bag.

5. Bring a Foldable Table and Chairs

Sometimes you luck out and get a camp site with a picnic table. But if not, it never hurts to have a table to set up to prepare food and eat on. And of course you have to have a good comfy chair to sit in.

6. Solar is The Way To Go

You definitely don’t want to drain your car battery charging up your phone or ipad. A portable solar panel charger is worth it’s weight in gold when it comes to car camping. And you can find a nice one online for not that much money at all.

And speaking of a dead car battery, chances are you will be in and out of the car more than usual. So it definitely wouldn’t hurt to pack a portable car battery jump starter.

7. Pack a Head Lamp

head lamp

Again, as not to drain the car battery, keep the interior lights turned off and just use your flash light or head lamp to light things up when getting what you need out of the car. I LOVE my head lamp. I probably use it more than a regular flash light because my hands are completely free to work on whatever task i’ve got going on. They really are great!

8. Pack Smart

One of the main perks of car camping is not having to worry about packing light because you don’t have to hike for miles to the camp site. You pull up, set up and camp. That being said you still want your gear to fit into your vehicle for the drive to and from the camp site. So the smaller the gear, the better.

9. Keep The Mosquitos Away


One of the absolute worst buzz kills are those pesky mosquitoes! Living in Louisiana, I know how much of a pain these little blood suckers can be. If you’re going car camping in the summer definitely don’t forget the bug spray. I recommend the Cutter Deep Woods. And if it’s a spot where the mosquitoes are really bad, these mosquito repellent wrist bands actually work really well.

10. Camp Wherever and Whenever

car rooftop tent

I’m talking about a Car Rooftop Tent! It’s a tent that actually mount to the top of your vehicle and is only accessible by extension ladder. These can be a bit pricey but they really are cool. You’re up off the ground so you won’t have to worry about any unwanted guests slithering into your tent while you sleep. And it’s a much nicer view than traditional tent camping on the ground.


Check out some more helpful camping tips HERE.

I sincerely hope that you can use any of these tips for your next adventure. If you have any car camping tips of your own, please leave them in the comments below. Have fun and be safe out there.

See you on the trail!


Marmot Tungsten 4p Tent Review – Should You Buy?


Product: Marmot Tungsten 4p Tent Review

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.

Color: Blaze / Sandstorm

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

October is right around the corner and that is my absolute favorite time to go camping. There’s just something special about packing up the car with all the camping gear and heading out to the woods with friends and family. Especially when the weather is nice and cool.

I’m currently on the hunt for a new tent and this one caught my eye. So I’ve been doing a lot of research on it and comparing it to other tents out there. It will just be my wife and I sleeping in the tent. And maybe Pepe’, our chihuahua, will join us on occasion too. We love camping but we also like to be comfortable and not be all squished up like sardines in a can. And this tent looks really nice!

Marmot has been in the outdoor gear business for 40+ years! Based out of Colorado; they are a trusted source of high-quality clothing and equipment for climbers, skiers, campers, mountain guides, etc. The gear that they make is rugged and built to last throughout the harsh winters in the north. You can find there gear online at and too.

Marmot Tungsten 4p Tent Overview

All the different size Mormot Tungsten Tents are made really well. The reason that I chose the 4 person tent was because the size is perfect in my opinion. The dimensions on this tent are 52 x 82 x 93in. And it has a floor area of 53sq ft. That’s plenty of room for my wife and I plus the dog and the gear. It may be a little snug for 4 grown adults but 3 adults would fit just fine.

And its real light and easy to set up. Speaking of that, a good tip if you buy this tent or another new one. It never hurts to practice setting the tent up at home before you leave on your camping trip. That way you will be able to assemble it that much quicker when you get to the camp site.

But anyway this is a solid 3 season tent, basically meaning that it’s lightweight compared to other tents but will still protect you if you get caught in a bad storm. And have you ever had that happen? It starts storming like crazy and you’re caught in a tiny tent with no room? It’s a claustrophobics worse nightmare! That won’t happen with this tent. There’s plenty of room in there to get some rainy day activities going.

Some More Features

  • Zone Pre-Bend Construction to Create More Head Room and More of a Roomy Sleeping Area
  • Two D Shaped Doors/Two Vestibules. Free Standing Design
  • Lampshade Pocket to Hold Your Headlamp and Provide Ambient Light
  • Footprint Included
  • Seam Taped Full Coverage Fly with Vents
  • Seam Taped Catenary Cut Floor
  • Color Coded “Easy Pitch” Clips, Poles and Fly
  • Interior Pockets for Small Gear Storage
  • Jingle Free Nylon Zipper Pulls
  • HD Velocity 7000 Series Aluminum Poles


This tent is spacious with plenty of room to move around comfortably. I really like having the two doors on opposite sides for easy access and I like to leave them open on a nice day to enjoy the breeze blowing through the tent. A couple reviews have stated that it’s definitely waterproof. One couple said it poured on them the first night of there camping trip and not a drop of water got in. And it’s pretty lightweight for its size which makes it a great backpacking tent.


It is a bit pricey in my opinion but I can tell that it’s made really well and you get what you pay for. That’s the only negative thing that I’ve found on it.

The Verdict

I give this tent two thumbs up. Every thing from the two doors to the extra head space and the sturdy aluminum poles; this tent is impressive And I think it exceeded a lot of our fellow outdoors men and women’s expectations according to the reviews that I read. I’ll admit, I’ve never owned a Marmot tent before but that’s about to change.

Thank you for reading my review. I hope that it answered any questions you may have had. I wrote this review after doing extensive research on the Marmot Tungsten 4p Tent because personally, I like to know exactly what I’m buying before I buy it.

If you have any questions or comments about this tent or anything else related to the outdoors, please leave it in the comments below.

Happy Camping!!



Camping Gear For Women – Top Brand Reviews

My wife and I have been researching camping gear online lately, trying to get ready for our Fall camping excursions to come. She needs a new sleeping bag and pad for under the sleeping bag. There are so many different options out there!

While searching online I found some really nice sleeping bags and some other quality gear as well that I wanted to share with ya’ll. So I’ve written a review of camping gear for women. My hope is that maybe it will help point you in the right direction.

Here we go….

Sleeping Bags and Accessories

sleeping bag

Sleep is important when camping. Especially if you’re going to be doing some hiking as well. It’s important to get a good night sleep and recharge the batteries for another day of adventure.

Kelty Tru Comfort 20

My wife decided to go with the Kelty Tru. Comfort 20 Sleeping Bag. This is a very comfortable sleeping bag. It has an inner blanket to keep you warm at night. But you can take it out and just use the blanket for sitting around the camp fire. And it includes a sleeping pad too!

The only negative thing I hear is how bulky it is. And at 5 lbs. 4 oz. it may be a little heavy for backpacking or hiking. But for camping, it’s excellent!

Kelty Tru Comfort Sleeping Bag – Kids

Much like the adult size version this sleeping bag is perfect for camping but probably would be a little bulky for hiking and backpacking.

Mountain Summit Gear Self-Inflating Camp Pillow

Much like the previous sleeping bag in this review, this pillow may be a little bulky for backpacking but works wonders for camping. It self-inflates into a comfortable pillow that really does offer a lot of support for you’re head.

Women’s Jackets and Pullovers

winter jacket

I came across several nice North Face jackets with different features for protection from cold and rainy conditions. The North Face makes some really nice outdoor wear in my opinion. You have to check out these jackets and pullovers!

The North Face Venture 2 Rain Jacket

It comes in five different colors: Medium Grey, Dark Grey, Deep Blue, Galaxy Purple, and Mint Blue. This jacket is windproof and waterproof with a breathable fabric. It’s perfect for year round use. It’s lightweight design makes it that much more comfortable and easy to pack down into a back pack. This jacket looks like a winner to me.

The North Face Tech Glacier Quarter-Zip Fleece Pullover

This fleece comes in five different colors: High Rise Grey, Black, Medium Grey, Tin Grey, and Dark Grey. First and foremost, this is more of a shirt than a pullover. It is slim fit so whatever size you wear, order the next size up and it will fit just fine. But other than that it is a real nice fleece pullover that zips at the neck for easy temperature regulation. And the fabric used is fast-drying.

Lots of people love 1/4 zip and how lightweight it is. I would recommend it for sure.

The North Face Resolve Plus Rain Jacket

This rain jacket comes in seven different colors: Fire Brick Red Dobby, High Rise Grey / Stinger Yellow, Mid Grey Dobby / Deep Blue, Rumba Red / Fig, Sodalite Blue, Asphalt Grey / Four Leaf Clover, and Tin Grey. This is a nice, lightweight jacket that is water and rain proof. And with all the different stylish colors to choose from, you could get more than one to match different outfits.

The only negative reviews I read was that the material was real hard and stiff which made the jacket uncomfortable. And another review said they had problems with the pockets filling up with water. Could have just been a defective one. I don’t know.

The North Face Nuptse 2 Down Vest

This vest comes in two colors: Cerise Pink and High Risk Red / Tnf Black. This is a nice, comfy vest with plenty of insulation for those cold days and nights. It can be worn over a sweatshirt and even under some rain gear in case the weather get’s nasty.

I didn’t see any negative reviews on this vest so I would definitely recommend it.

The North Face Fave Half Dome Pullover 2.0

This pullover comes in a bunch of different colors: Desert Flower Orange / Tnf White, Juicy Red Pullover with Urban Navy sleeves, Medium Grey / White, Tnf Black, Asphalt Grey, Wild Aster Purple Pullover with Violet Peony sleeves, Grey / Atomic Pink, and Dark Grey with Kokomo Green Tnf Logo.

Really cool pullover with thumb holes in the cuffs. It is designed really well with vibrant colors that compliment each other. And the materials they used are at least 50% recycled which is really cool! The fabric is smooth on the outside and soft and cozy on the inside. It got a lot of really nice reviews.

Happy Camping!

Well that concludes this review. You can find this gear and much more online at If you have any comment or questions just leave them below and i’ll be happy to help.

See ya on the trail!


Best Outdoor Survival Knives – Top 10 Survival Knives

I spend a lot of time outdoors. They don’t call Louisiana “Sportsman’s Paradise” for nothing! We have some of the best hunting and fishing around. I personally love to fish and camp. And I never leave home without my pocket knife. But if I’m going camping or fishing, I’m sure to bring my survival knife. A folding pocket knife is great to always have for opening packages and little jobs like that. But if I’m out in the woods or at the fishing camp, I would rather have my survival knife.

Over the years I’ve owned and still own several different knives and I’m always keeping my eyes open for a knife to add to the collection. So after digging around online I’ve decided to make my own top 10 list of the best outdoor survival knives. So here we go….

1. Polaris 10-inch Hunting And Survival Knife Kit

You definitely get your moneys worth with this ultimate survival knife kit that includes integrated knife sharpener and multi tool! It has a full tang, Tanto-tipped / combination serrated blade made of high-carbon steel. And it has a dual-injected glass-filled nylon handle. The multi tool provides flint, small and large flat head screwdrivers, standard and metric wrenches, crowbar nail remover and a bottle opener.

You can find it on Amazon along with more detailed info and reviews.

2. Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife

Created by Gerber and survivor expert Bear Grylls! This knife is awesome! It comes with some cool extras too. The blade is made of high carbon stainless steel. And you will never lose your grip on the knife with the textured rubber handle.

You can depend on this knife for any task. You can cut fire wood with and fillet a freshly caught fish. You absolutely need this knife in your collection!

Check it out on Amazon.

3. Mossy Oak Survival Knife

Includes a sheath, sharpener, and fire starter. Really nice and sturdy knife for the price. I’ve always wanted a Rambo knife ever since I was a kid. I’m definitely going to get me one very soon!

For more info and detailed reviews visit Amazon.

4. Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Steel Survival Knife

Comes with fire starter and sheathe. The fire starter yields 7,000 strikes and produces 3,000 degree sparks allowing it to work even when wet! The blade is carbon steel with a tungsten DLC anti-corrosive black coating. All in all the knife is very well-made and you can’t beat the price.

For more info and detailed reviews about this knife, visit Amazon.

5. Gerber Prodigy Survival Knife

Extremely tough knife! Razor sharp too! The full tang blade is stainless steel with a black oxide coating to improve corrosion resistance. This knife is ready for whatever you throw at it.

You can find it on Amazon.

6. Ottoza Custom Tracker Knife With Bone Handle

This is one heavy-duty knife with an awesome design pattern on the blade and the handle made out of bone! It’s not only an outdoor survival knife. But it’s a collectors knife as well. The sheath is heavy-duty and made out of thick leather.

Check it out on Amazon.

7. SOG Fixed Blade Ace Knife

This is a very affordable but durable knife. It has a stainless steel blade and a thermoplastic rubber handle. And it comes with a nylon sheath.

You can find it on Amazon.

8.Ka-Bar BK-22 Becker Companion Fixed Blade Knife

This is an awesome knife! The blade is made out of 1095 Cro-Van steel and is very sharp! Comes with a polyester front pouch sheath. The knife has some weight to it at 1.56 pounds. But it is a beast of a knife.

Get more info on this knife on Amazon.

9.Fallkniven A1bL A1 Fine Edge Fixed Blade Knife

This is a heavy-duty knife! The full tang blade is made out of laminated VG 10 steel. And the Kraton handle has a very comfortable grip. And it also comes with a sturdy black leather sheath which easily fastens to your belt.

For more info and detailed reviews visit Amazon.

10. GERBER StrongArm 420 High Carbon Stainless Steel Fixed Blade Survival Tactical Knife

In my opinion this is the best survival knife out there. The blade is made out of 420 high carbon stainless steel. And never lose your grip despite any weather conditions with it’s diamond-texture rubberized handle. The sheath is great too with many different ways to carry it on your belt.

The knife looks and feels like a combat knife but it definitely can be used for both combat and survival.

You can find it on Amazon.


Well, that concludes my list of awesome survival knives. I know that there are so many knives out there to choose from. But I also know that you will be more than pleased with any of these 10 Survival Knives!

Thank you for visiting my site and I hope you enjoyed this post.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have in the comments below.

Be safe and have fun out there!